The fiscal year 2011 (FY11) on October 1, 2010 is also  the start of the annual  DV lottery. This one os for  for FY12. The FY12 lottery program will allocate 50,000 immigrant visa numbers to individuals from countries with low rates of immigration to the United States.

Major Points:

  • Applications begin noon, Eastern Time (U.S.), October 5, 2010 through noon, ET, November 3, 2010.
  • All applications are electronic, i.e. online.
  • Start early, otherwise you may have technical difficulties if you wait till the end times.
  • If you are selected, you will be notified via email starting April 2011.
  • Green Card Visas start being issued to winners  starting Sept 2011 and last until all have been issued.
  • One must leave for the US no later than Sept 2012.
  • Instructions are on the DOS website at, the only official site.

The DOS selects more than 50,000 applicants as lottery “winners.” and winner letters are issued to more than 100,000 applicants. Not everyone who receives the winner notification can qualify for a green card, due to procedural issues and educational and/or job requirements. Other winners will simply not take the additional steps needed to obtain their green cards.

The winner letters have detailed instructions on how to proceed. Individuals who are outside the United States will need to process for their immigrant visas at the appropriate U.S. consulates abroad.

Those who are within the United States will have the option of either an adjustment of status to permanent residence in the United States or consular processing. Of course, you must meet all standard legal requirements for either the adjustment of status or consular processing procedures in order to obtain a benefit based upon the lottery selection.


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