Indians, just like Kenyans, have historically emigrate to other nations seeking higher-paying work.  Many Indian students in the USA, UK either stayed on and sought permanent residency. India has been the largest exporter of  IT workers to the USA and UK. The continuing trend of offshore outsourcing by many companies in the US and UK, has resulted in an increasing shortage of very talented people, especially middle level management.

Increasingly, recruiters in India are having difficulty filling jobs demands and a small number of Indians in the US and UK are beginning to look towards home for employment.  But this trend should continue for several reasons. More firms in the west feel outsourcing has matured and is no longer a very risky undertaking. Outsourcing firms in India are also reporting increased  hourly wage for skilled workers. India has also sustained a impressive  7% annual growth rate in the last 4 years, and with its over 1 billion population, is soon becoming a $1 trillion per year economy.


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