BARMY EU chiefs were slammed last night after vowing to open Europe’s borders to 20MILLION Africans and Asians.Commission bosses want immigrants to settle here permanently and get citizenship. But critics last night warned most would make a bee-line straight for Britain.

And they tore into the proposal made by EU Justice Commissioner Franco Frattini.

Shadow Home Secretary David Davis said: “Since this would likely be in addition to already large-scale immigration, the stress placed on housing, public services and community relations in the UK would be enormous.

“It is vital the Government retains control over who is allowed to come to the UK and should not allow the EU to create loopholes that would make a mockery of a well-balanced immigration system.”

Commissioner Frattini wants skilled workers given passports after two years. And unskilled immigrants citizenship after five years.

And he wants the word “immigration” replaced with “mobility”.

He said: “We have to look at immigration not as a threat but as an enrichment and inescapable phenomenon of today’s world.”

The plan needs the backing of all EU members.

Evidence shows Britain bears the brunt of most immigration to EU countries, with our population due to grow by 20million by 2050.

Last night MigrationWatch said that the UK needs the plan “like it needs a hole in the head”.

Source: The Sun,


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