CNN reports that more and more kids are accumulating PBDEs and other industrial chemicals, and are developing newer problems with no non solutions.

Danger Chemicals:

  • PBDEs:-polybrominated diphenyl ethers
  • phthalates and
  • other industrial chemicals

How they get into the body:

  • PBDEs: Deca format via electrical equipment, construction material, mattresses and textiles
  • phthalates : plastic bottles, kitchenware, toys, medical devices, personal care products and cosmetics


  • Children: asthma, childhood cancers, birth defects, obesity and developmental disorders
  • Adults: infertility in men, obesity, etc.

Who has banned them?:

Sweden banned PBDEs in 1998. The European Union banned most PBDEs in 2004. In the United States ( the sole manufacturer of two kinds of PBDEs ) voluntarily stopped making them in 2004, except for Deca.



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