International students are allowed employment during the studies in the United States ( limits this employment to 20 hours per week or less during the academic year). This employment is strictly on-campus ( limited to the University – based, on campus employment.)

International students are never authorized – except via specific USCIS permission, to work off campus. To get this authorization, you normally apply for a work permit or the Employment Authorization Document, EAD, from the USCIS. The EAD approval may take up to 6 months or longer.

Prior to beginning any employment on campus, all students must have a Social Security Number (SSN). To request a SSN, a students needs to contact the International Office ( normally referred to as ISO) to make such requests. SSN Approvals generally takes from 10 to 15 days.

Upon successfully attainment of a SSN, the student must then fill out the I-9 before starting employment.

Always ask with the ISO for possibilities of work opportunities on/off campus. Plan accordingly, especially for off campus work, as the EAD may take longer than the stipulated 6 months. Note that is also generally not easy for undergraduates to be allowed to work off campus during their first semester/year of study.

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