is the most comprehensive and accurate information for immigrants and would-be immigrants from East Africa (and the rest of Africa) who seek study, life and work opportunities outside of their home countries.

Students will find information on how to find a good school, how to apply for and get Financial Aid( scholarship, assistantships,fellowships), advice on maintaining legal immigration status in the host country and how to succeed in their studies, graduate and find work opportunities.

Those seeking work opportunities or those with permanent residency needs through various avenues(the USA green card, the CA Skilled Worker/Landing rights, the UK HSMP, the AU Skilled Migration system e.t.c.) will find valuable information, inlcuding how to apply for and get the relevant Visa. We invite you read regularly so that you be in a position to make only winning decisions.

The blog’s aim is to get you the relevant information (immigration, scholarships, etc) as they become available.


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