Learn how to get to Australia to:

  • Study ( Student visas etc)
  • Work ( Employer based migration, General Skilled Migration as a professional, other work visas)
  • Sponsored Family member of someone already in Australia

For Professionals/Skilled Workers, immigration to Australia favours relatively young (< 45 years) and skilled (IT,healthcare, MBA ) people. For General Skilled migration, apart from the basic requirements, the likelihood of immigration of skilled migrants is assessed on a points system: Points favour work experience, qualifications and language proficiency.

  • Self Assess yourself against the Visa requirements, find out about Visa procedures and how to apply. Mwalimu has put together all the important ( and summarized ) information you need. If for some reason you still need more information, the DIMIA web site should provide all information you do not find here.
  • Prepare documents and copies, and submit an online(if applicable for the visa class) or mail appplication. We do not recommend using a Migration agent (waste of money)

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