The A levels education system models  the UK system. But note Kenya’s  undergraduate system differences; for instance, an undergraduate degree in the UK lasts 3 years.

University Education:

  • Goals:To produce ability in independent thought and work and to teach research skills
  • Methods: Lectures, seminars and tutorials but you will also spend time in libraries and laboratories conducting your own research
  • Undergraduate
    • Entry qualifications: equivalent of two or three A-levels or a BTEC National Diploma or an international foundation year. IELTS 6.0-6.5
    • Duration: Three(3) years in England, Northern Ireland, Wales and Four(4){you earn a Masters} years in Scotland
    • Assessment:
      • Vary from institutions to institution
      • Generally, examination towards the end of each semester and/or academic year, continuous assessment through essays, presentations and tests or a combination of all these
  • Postgraduate/Research
    • General entry qualifications: an undergraduate degree from the UK or overseas with a first or good 2:1 (or equivalent) in a related subject and IELTS of 6.5
    • Specific qualifications: Locate a university and course and find the exact requirements for a given course
    • Course Types:
      • Postgraduate certificate or diploma (PG Cert/Dip) {one-year taught courses}
      • Pre-master’s {one term to a year}
      • Taught master’s (LLM, MA, MSc, MEd etc), {1 year}
      • Research master’s (MRes, MPhil) {one year mostly research}
      • Master of Business Administration (MBA) {9 months/1 academic year}
      • Doctorate (PhD) and new route PhD {3 to 4 years, research and some courses}
    • Duration:one(1) year to four(4) years courses
    • Assessment:
      • Exams/dissertations and for research degrees: ability to initiate and develop original research,
      • For research degree:A committee evaluates the quality of the student’s thesis.
      • Research/Thesis:a committee may request student to take an oral examination to support your thesis
  • Higher National Diploma (HND)
    • Entry qualifications: equivalent of one or two UK A-levels or a BTEC National Diploma or an international foundation year. IELTS 5.5-6.0
    • Duration:two(2) year career courses. May also be used for degree preparation.

Post-16 (“A” levels) :

  • Ages: after age 16
  • Non “A” levels students: This level may serve as an entry point to do UK undergraduate
  • Assessment:At A-levels qualifications.
  • Variations:A-levels or equivalent qualifications as sixth-form students in a school, sixth-form college or college of higher education

Secondary School (GCSE levels):

  • Ages: upto age 16
  • Assessment:At GCSE level you’ll study on average eight subjects.

Primary/Preparatory School

  • Ages: 5-11/5-13
  • School Types (for ages 5-16)
    • Public Schools (state funded)
    • Independent Schools (fee-charging)

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