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  1. says:

    ‘m so glad i found your website

    Ooh boy, things are getting worse everyday!

    But I wanted to earn just a few dollars for my poor mom and dad back home. So, I had been so despirate to find somebody to tell me ujanja wa kufanya kazi kichini chini.

  2. says:

    Well you guys have an awesome website and extremely important
    for Kenyans at home there.

    Actually, I had not seen this website until
    the first time I was in America and for sure, I really did not know what it meant to be in the US until now faraway from home is where i
    realise that home is best for undergraduate study.

    How do you advise me. Is it a wise idea for me to disappoint my parents back at home by going home and then later come back for masters?

  3. says:

    Thank you for the information on your website. I see that you have valuable information on several countries.

    I am just curious to know if you have any information on New Zealand.

  4. says:


    Your website has very valuable information and is so much informative.

    Am sure it plays a big role in educating Kenyans about life in USA as well as adjusting to the new life after arrival,not to mention the do’s and donts.
    Personally I have been enriched.

  5. says:


    Please advise how Zambian medical professionals from Doctors and Nurses can access paying jobs in the UK.
    Please contact me child of Africa.We also need to survive.Patriotism does not feed us anymore.We are thin from starvation with our degrees and diplomas.


    Mwalimu says: Look at this UK “howto” to find the information you seek:

  6. Rk says:

    My daughter will be completing her ‘O’ Level under IGCSE system. How to proceed further in Canada if she wants to do Engineering. Has to do schooling or can apply for college or has to do any crash course before joining college.

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